I believe in the God of the Bible.

I believe the Bible is true.

I believe miracles still happen today.

I believe different religions, even non-Christian religions, all worship the same god.

I'm a good person, therefore I don't need to be a Christian.

I believe in heaven, but there is no hell.

I go to church and I am a good person, therefore I am a Christian.

It doesn't matter what you believe, only that you sincerely believe in something.

I have intentionally decided to follow Jesus.

Being in a relationship with other Christians is a necessary part of the Christian Faith.

I don't know much about the Bible.

I have sincere remorse because of my sin, and have confessed that sin to God.

I have been baptized as an adult.

I have begun praying and talking to God.

I read the Bible, but only occasionally.

I participate in one of our church's small groups.

I attend worship services almost every weekend.

I know what my spiritual gifts are.

I resolve conflicts in a biblical way.

I serve at church on a regular basis.

Sometimes who I am in front of other people and who I am when I am alone (or with different people) are not the same.

I regularly read and/or study the Bible.

I tithe i.e. I give least 10% of my income to the church.

I remember a time in the last six months when I heard from God.

I often find myself thinking about God & how I can grow in my relationship with him.

Even when I don’t want to do something God is asking me to do, I surrender to his calling.

I study the Bible and often use additional Bible study resources (commentaries, devotionals, etc.)

I often pray with and for others.

I pray every day.

I faithfully give more than a tithe (more than 10%) of my income to the church.

I lead one of our church's small groups, classes, and/or serving teams.

I am coaching or leading other leaders of our church.

I often disciple others and help them grow in faith.

My heart is broken over people who do not know Jesus.

In the last six months, I have shared my faith with someone who is not a Christian.

Following Jesus is my highest priority in life.

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