Sometimes we think we need to be a spiritual expert before we can teach or disciple someone.

Jesus’ twelve disciples were ordinary men—who didn’t have Bibles, commentaries or concordances either! Their only training was with the best teacher of all—Jesus.

No matter where you are on your spiritual path or how much you know about the Bible, there will always be someone else who isn’t as far along the path as you are. That’s what we mean by looking left. If you took the Red Cedar Church Spiritual Assessment, you gained an understanding of where you are on this pathway:


We encourage you to use your spiritual gifts as well as your time and abilities to walk alongside someone else as they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are called to make disciples, not just make decisions for Christ.

Discipleship is about relationship. It means spending time with others who can help you follow God closer and experience full life, and it also means discipling others. We want to make disciples who make disciples.

One way to “look left” is to teach someone else. In Matthew 28, Jesus said to go and make disciples and to teach them to obey what he taught. When you look around you, you’re likely to know someone who could use more encouragement and guidance. Maybe there is someone who seems stalled out in their spiritual growth and could use a boost. Maybe there are leaders who need support to step into their calling.

The first step is to get connected. If you come to church on the weekend but you don’t serve or get involved in any way, you’ll miss out on opportunities to get to know others on their spiritual pathway. And you’ll miss out on so many opportunities to grow in your faith!

How looking left might look from where you are on the pathway:


  • Reach out to someone who is seeking to know more about God. Invite them to come to church with you, or to come to a special event or a worship night.
  • Be available. Invite someone to have coffee and talk about their spiritual questions. Explain how you’re learning and growing. Don’t be afraid of questions you don’t know how to answer.
  • Be a listener. You’ll know more about what someone needs when you listen.
  • Share your faith story with someone you know.


  • It’s easy at this point to surround yourself with mostly people who are already decided or devoted. Be intentional about looking for relationships with people who are detached from God. Be open to listen to and pray for those who are struggling.
  • Be intentional. Set aside time to make connections with people who need to be discipled. Connect with a new believer and check in with them weekly.
  • Take personal responsibility for reaching your mission field – your neighborhood, your workplace and friendships.
  • Apply to lead a Full Life Group. Make a point of connecting with individuals in your group to see what they need and follow up often.
  • Volunteer as a teacher in the Restart Ministry.
  • Invite another family from the church over for a meal and ask them to share their spiritual journey with you.


  • If you’ve been a Christian for a long time, you might think you’ve done your duty and it’s time to let someone else do it. This is when those who are detached, decided and developed need you most!
  • Identify potential leaders in your Full Life Group and help them branch off to start their own group.
  • Get involved in your community – volunteer in places where you will have the opportunity to invite people to your Full Life Group or to church.
  • Become a coach for a team of leaders.
  • Be a student of people by observing spiritual gifts and abilities in others. Help them identify their spiritual gifts and encourage them by suggesting ways they can serve and lead.
  • Invite leaders over for meals and build relationships. Ask them to share how you can pray for them, and how you can support them as a leader.


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