Groups at Red Cedar

Building connections with other believers is one of the most important parts of a full spiritual life.

Why Join a Group?

Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups of people that intentionally meet to grow in their relationship with one-another and in their relationship with Jesus. Life Groups are sermon-based. They discuss and apply the weekend message to their lives, as well as serve, pray, and have fun together. People in all stages of life and spiritual growth are welcome to join a Life Group, and together, experience a full life in Christ.

Freedom Groups

Freedom groups bring you help, encouragement, and healing. Do you want to overcome substance abuse, discover sexual purity, or find healing from a divorce or another painful experience? We all face difficult challenges and seasons at different times in our lives. A Freedom Group might be your step to finding the freedom you've been looking for.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups are similar to a Life Group except that they meet for a short period of time and explore one topic. If you want to learn about The Bible, how to handle money, or how to get healthy; if you want to connect with others who have a similar interest or are in a similar season in life, then a Focus Group may be for you!


Community and connection are crucial pieces to living a full life with Jesus. Being in community is so much more than showing up at weekend services; It’s about sharing your life with people–the good, the bad, the hard, and the incredible.

Leading a group doesn’t mean you have to be a Bible scholar or host a meal every week, it simply means you have a willingness and a desire to do life alongside others that are seeking Jesus

If you want to learn more about what being a group leader entails, or if you’re interested in becoming a group leader, we would love to hear from you! Click the button below to get started.

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